Friday, May 11, 2012

Her Burden

As you have read this week, I have been writing about 'Mother.'  However, I have not written anything about the mother of my own children.  How criminal!  For my own children will attest to the honor that she deserves, not just for being the awesome mother that she is, but also for the....duty...challenge...burden she has of being my wife!
I am truly convinced that most other women would have left me long ago because of the man I am and have been!
The mother of my children...
so far beyond the call!
She's taken such good care of them
and takes care of our all.
Though they are gone now from the house,
her care yet endures;
and that which yet pertains to life
her love yet assures!
I am so very gifted-
for God gave her to me!
He knew what I would need when He
designed the gift she be!
He knew what I would need for life,
and "such a time as this;"
He looked upon His work and even
sealed it with a kiss!

"The mother of my children,
oh, Happy Mother's Day!
What I appreciate about you...
can I count each way?!
You are a blessing in my life,
an asset to this man;
for I will honor you today
and every time I can!"

Husbands, love your wives!  They are a gift from God and deserve to be treated as such!
If you have not done that, right now is a perfect time to start!  I know that I can do a better job loving mine, so I know you probably can, too.  They are so worth it!  MINE is so worth it!

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