Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Early Spring

Once again the sun to kiss
the early morning Spring!
Living comes to life again,
sweetly for to sing;
Jesus comes to visit as
the rays begin revealing;
there is nothing that His Presence
would be not concealing!

Dawn to surely find His grace
as overwhelming love!
Life continues at a pace
that He is wary of.
Nothing happens that escapes
the notice of the Lord;
therefore life can live with peace
that just HE can afford!

Nothing will occur today
that, to Him, is unknown;
Every facet of the Spring-
to Him already shown!
Therefore, every trust in life
can be cast Jesus' way-
He knows all that will happen, and
He has the final say!

Is Jesus your complete trust?  He can be.
Father God commands the day to occur and it does...faithfully.
His Word begs the question "Are you not worth more (than two sparrows?")
Trust God!  His love for you is without measure!

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