Wednesday, May 9, 2012


It's amazing how much our personal decisions affect other people.
As I look back, I wonder

What if she decided that
she didn't want one more,
how many words would go unsaid...
what are these verses for?

What if she decided that
her love was not enough
when they revealed these handicaps
and all of my "health stuff?"

What if she thought a waste of time
fielding all my questions?
What impact upon my own
would be but 'mere suggestions?'

So much could seem "mere rhetoric,"
but I have truth to share:
to have a mother such as mine
is beautiful and rare!
Make your own to know the blessing
that she is to you
and thank God every day for all
that she has brought you through!

"Happy Mother's Day, momma.
I hope all of my readers realize what a wonderful person you are, and I pray that each of them can feel the same about their own mom!"

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