Saturday, May 5, 2012

A Chosen Generation

1 Peter 2:9 reminds us that we, as Christians, are a chosen generation.  What does that mean?
Does that mean that we are better than anyone else?
(I think we know where that attitude leads!)
It DOES mean that we, as His children, have favor in this life.  Let us live accordingly.

"You have saved us.  We've become
a chosen generation!
Even to anoint us, for to be
a holy nation!
No matter the environment,
oh God, from whence we come,
You have saved, delivered us,
and victory the sum!

You have saved us!  We are born
again because of You!
Only to say "Yes!"  It is
so simple, Lord, to do?
Why does it take a lifetime, then,
(and even some, too late,)
for us to realize, in You
alone, is sealed our fate?

You have saved us!  We receive You
with a thankful heart!
Teach to us Your ways, oh Lord,
that we should not depart!
Too many are the ways of life
that do not lead to living!
We submit to You alone
and all that You are giving!

Live each day in such a way that folks would see the favor of God in and through you and desire the same!

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