Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A Certain Voice

The hustle and bustle of life...
Oh, but God provides escape for them that call upon Him...

A certain voice beyond the Jordan
ever-clearly calls
telling of a land of love
where is not any walls!
Color there will be unknown,
bodies will be whole!
Status, it will matter not
to Him Who saves the soul!

"Keep calling, oh ye Blessed Voice
beyond the Jordan flow!
The sweetness of the life You tender,
oh, to surely know!
E'en the hope of it as I
yet dwell where life would wane,
it is that ever-welcome lift
above whatever pain!"

Oh, the voice beyond the Jordan,
Vision fixed on your Creator,
Him do I extol!
He is the Voice, the ever-present
voice wherever I'm,
and His Name shall be magnified
until the end of time!'

Can you hear that Voice?  Listen closely for it!  The sound of many waters is oh, so healing!

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