Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Early Spring

Once again the sun to kiss
the early morning Spring!
Living comes to life again,
sweetly for to sing;
Jesus comes to visit as
the rays begin revealing;
there is nothing that His Presence
would be not concealing!

Dawn to surely find His grace
as overwhelming love!
Life continues at a pace
that He is wary of.
Nothing happens that escapes
the notice of the Lord;
therefore life can live with peace
that just HE can afford!

Nothing will occur today
that, to Him, is unknown;
Every facet of the Spring-
to Him already shown!
Therefore, every trust in life
can be cast Jesus' way-
He knows all that will happen, and
He has the final say!

Is Jesus your complete trust?  He can be.
Father God commands the day to occur and it does...faithfully.
His Word begs the question "Are you not worth more (than two sparrows?")
Trust God!  His love for you is without measure!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Memorial Moments

In moments that are solemn we remember...
on days so set aside, we recall...
upon our hearts be them that are no longer:
heroes, every one, they gave their all!

Do we remember that they are no longer?
NO!  Their living we commemorate!
Celebrating each of them with honor--
men and women, military late.

And this day, set aside for yonder heroes--
may each of them have come to know His Name!
For it is God we thank for their provision,
and, in God, do we offer them acclaim.

America, we prosper due their lifeblood...
history, in crimson to record;
we honor every fallen as we gather
and take them to the Presence of the Lord.

Moments that are solemn--let us find them
and dedicate them to the heroes gone;
from every branch of service be they garnered;
see to it that their memory lives on!

Again be the compulsion to realize the gravity of this day.  Far more than just a day off from work; greater than 'just a holiday on the calendar; it MUST have more significance than that!
Savor those moments that are solemn.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Battle Hymn

"Glory, glory hallelujah..."
again, emotions flow.
Are we, as Americans,
the only ones to know?
A hymn so laden with emotion
for the ones ago...
we sing again in honor of
the heroes that we know!

And may their every 'duty,'
the workings of their hands,
their exploits in the battle, may we
come to understand
and give them rightful honor,
Memorial and more;
a "holiday" so late in May-
their honor is it for!!

"Glory, glory, hallelujah..."
let the verses ring!
And with fresh and true emotion
let each person sing!
We are free to do such only
due their works ago!
America--such pride and freedom--
may we ever know!

"You're too emotional!"
I hear it ring again as I ponder the meaning of this day.
I hear it within...but ignore it as I pen the cries of my heart as Memorial Day is impending.
Join me, won't you?

ONE Day only?

Memorial Day is approaching.
So many thoughts and emotions grip upon thought of it...

One day closer to a 'single day?'
But what about Old Glory on display?!
Just a day off for a barbecue?
NO WAY!!  For their is honor that is due
and gratitude to them that gave their all,
obedient unto a sacred call!
Memorial, once more, for them that served-
at least one day of honor is deserved!

How many are the memories
that cause us to recline...
how many are the loved ones that
put their lives on the line...
how many are the freedoms that
they died for to protect...
what be the depth that we allow
as we now reflect?

So numerous, the inquiries,
that rise if we allow.
Do not hinder such as we
recall those heroes now!
Thank God for each and all of them,
and mention them by name
unto the One Who gave His life
for all of us to claim!

"Father, thank You for the ones
who gave all that they could.
We praise You for their sacrifice
as everybody should!"

Grateful for them for whom Memorial Day is for.
Grateful for the freedom to do most anything we desire!
Let us NEVER forget!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Just a Building?

Once again, early in the church building.  Is it just a building?  Some would say so.  But Jesus is here!  It is NOT merely a building!  It is a living thing!

In the house once more,
His Presence to adore;
so good to be alive!
"Oh Jesus Christ arrive?"
In HIS house once more,
His Presence to adore
as He is ALWAYS here-
His Presence to revere!

"Jesus, You are why we are assembled.
Here we are to glorify Your Name!
Here we are--an offering--receive us!
Your Blood--it is our one and only claim!
Everything else, Lord, be secondary;
seeing You is our priority!
Seeing You...hearing You...responding,
being more than we could ever be!"

In the house once more--
be it NEVER as before!
Oh, but newer everyday,
the Truth, the Life, the Way!

"We have to go to church today..."
"It's Sunday again?"
"We have to..."   NO!!!  We GET TO go to church!
But when will we see such blessing?

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Memorial approaches...I am grateful.
So many--the emotions that exist.
So many are the memories...some so fresh;
without number, loved ones that are missed!
A celebration tempered, yea, and somber,
as names and faces ever come to mind;
one by one, we see with rightful favor
as gratitude and honor do we find!

Memorial approaches...with emotion.
Just a "three-day weekend" to supply?
If we can only see a break from labor,
then we are truly blinded by a lie!
Take that time to truly honor heroes-
for they are very easy to locate!
Look around--so many are affected,
and gratitude due unto them be great!

Memorial approaches...give it reverence:
shake a hand...say a prayer...give thanks!
Each of them befallen deserve honor
regardless of the branches or the ranks!

Memorial Day?
Again, I struggle with that thought that it is only one day!
Surely them that gave all deserve more!
God bless you families with such heroes in your lineage.  I, for one, am very thankful, and I share in your loss.

Monday, May 21, 2012

The Race is on?

Branches shiver in the time so rare...
leaves shimmer...are there none that care?
Earliest of rays caress all living...
and God, for He continues His blest giving!

Monday morning.
How many will stop and notice the touch that God has put on today?
Yes, you're busy.
Yes, it's the start of the week and you must get it done before anyone else!
Must you really?
Take a moment and see what life has created, what God has ordained.
Count His blessings this morning, and you can reflect upon them as the hours pass...

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Life Creator

Once more, light plays hide-and-seek;
but life, but life gets quite a peek
at Creator God's creation-
oh won't you join the celebration?!

Celebrate life!  Celebrate God as He creates life constantly!
He is so worthy of our praise!

So beautiful, the evidence
of God but everywhere!
See Him in your situation,
feel His perfect care.
See Him in creation--even
in a cloudy sky!
His love for you has not an end
and constant is His eye!

God is so present!
Father God is NEVER apart from your situation!  Recognize Him there and enjoy the touch He has on your life!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tommy & Susan

What are verses as we watch
the struggle you endure?
Where are words for your emotions
lived before us pure?
The love so clearly on display
of husband and of wife-
would we yet be so faithful, faced
with such outrageous strife?!
Yet in the pain, in the frustration,
in the raw distress,
grace outshines all tragedy-
and through it all, you bless!
How can any good result
from what you're going through?
It sends us all unto our knees
to intervene for you!
And God...and God, so faithful to
the voices of His own,
continues to embrace you both,
and through you, He is known!
We love you, pray for, hurt for you
as we just cannot share
the burden you are carrying
or the cross you bear!
But know this: you are in our hearts,
our lives and in our prayers
as we lift you to Jesus Christ-
the One Who truly cares!
He sees the place that you are in
and all the days ahead;
we gird you both in His palm, knowing
you're divinely led!

"Pastor, you and Susan are in our hearts as you walk this path, this painful path."
May each of you readers join me in prayer for these two.  Susan has ALS, and Pastor Tommy is her caretaker.  Thank you for your prayers.


"But God, I can't go in there!!"

"Imprisoned in this place-
dare I expose my face?
My shame has been revealed-
where can I stay concealed?!
I know, I know my shame!
Is that for which you came?
I surely know my need...
Will any intercede?

I'm not in here alone.
For though my deeds are known,
One stays here at my side
and bids me to abide.
For God has seen my heart.
His Presence would impart
grace and mercy true-
for He knows what to do!

Would you reach out, as well?
So wretched be this cell!
So true, I know my shame-
but have you purer claim?
Still, in mine inner rage,
no voice comes nigh my cage.
Would Jesus Christ alone
the only Guest be known?"

How many of you dare to be Jesus and visit me in this place?
How many of US dare to be such?
"But what if someone from the church sees me around that place?"
So continues the argument within...

Monday, May 14, 2012

More Gratitude

The more life happens, the more I realize my need for God, and the more grateful I am that He is always here!

"Thank You, Lord, for listening
and answering our prayers.
Thank You for hearing, but then knowing,
each and all of our cares.
You see our lives before they are
and lead accordingly;
how much of life would not be known
if Your care didn't be?

Thank You, Lord, for planning for us
what we cannot know.
A perfect plan for all our days
on all would You bestow.
But them that ask Your guidance, they
receive of that Great Plan!
I be one of those blessed, oh Lord,
because You say I can!

Thank You, Lord, for being all
we ever need to live!
This ol' life's requirements
so faithfully You give.
It is up to us to do
what we should for the day,
and we KNOW You will do the rest
upon the Narrow Way!"

I sure hope that you have such assurance, too!  It is easy to get: just commit your each day into the care and direction that God has for you!  He can do more with your day than you can...but you must be obedient and follow His lead!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Her Burden

As you have read this week, I have been writing about 'Mother.'  However, I have not written anything about the mother of my own children.  How criminal!  For my own children will attest to the honor that she deserves, not just for being the awesome mother that she is, but also for the....duty...challenge...burden she has of being my wife!
I am truly convinced that most other women would have left me long ago because of the man I am and have been!
The mother of my children...
so far beyond the call!
She's taken such good care of them
and takes care of our all.
Though they are gone now from the house,
her care yet endures;
and that which yet pertains to life
her love yet assures!
I am so very gifted-
for God gave her to me!
He knew what I would need when He
designed the gift she be!
He knew what I would need for life,
and "such a time as this;"
He looked upon His work and even
sealed it with a kiss!

"The mother of my children,
oh, Happy Mother's Day!
What I appreciate about you...
can I count each way?!
You are a blessing in my life,
an asset to this man;
for I will honor you today
and every time I can!"

Husbands, love your wives!  They are a gift from God and deserve to be treated as such!
If you have not done that, right now is a perfect time to start!  I know that I can do a better job loving mine, so I know you probably can, too.  They are so worth it!  MINE is so worth it!

Mother, once more...

The older I get, the more I realize how precious my upbringing was.
The more I realize that, the more I see God at work in my childhood home assuring that I be set apart for His work.
We were not churchgoers, but I can truly see the hand of God in what went on in my home.  I see His direction in the decisions that I made growing up.  All can clearly see His touch on my life as they read the words that flowed out of those years!
Yes, the Holy Spirit was right there speaking through my heart, and I can see where mom and dad were used by Him to teach me and lead me.
And again, the gratitude flows...

"Mother...oh for all the years'
investment you have made,
assuring that your children have
a childhood that was paid!
You spent your life...your time...your love
to see to our advance-
so very rare it is, these days,
for kids to get such chance!

The mornings at the office...
the years at all the banks...
they are a blur as I yet see you
there at thanks!
Talking with my daddy over
coffee every dawn...
and talking yet again at night
when working hours gone....
still finding time to meet my teachers
for...well...never mind!
And even now, time to talk
whenever do you find.

Mother, look around, for your
investment has much yield!
The honor that life has for you
it cannot be concealed!
We love you, mom.  We hold so dear
the life that you invest!
And ALL that call you 'Mother,'
each of us are truly blessed!!"

I said it before, I hope everyone that reads this is able to recall GOOD things about your mom without effort.  I know that some of you may not, and I am in pain for you!
I guess, in that respect, I am gloating because I have such a favorable view of my own, and a relationship with her that is priceless!  I thank God for that, and I pray for my mother without ceasing!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Legacy wonderful.
I am filled with wonderful thoughts as Mother's Day gets another day closer.
So many things she said and did continue to affect and influence the things I say and do.
So many things she yet does and says do the same.
Am I that influential on anyone?  I hope so!

Can someone be a legacy
if they are still alive?
Absolutely: it's a
legacy to just survive!
She survived (so far) fifty-two
years raising me
and a brother and a sister-
what a legacy!

And that we are successful-one more
star inside her crown.
So many opportunities
she had to put us down.
But no, she pressed forward, not
abandoning her cross!
Had she not had such fortitude

these words would yet be loss!!

Yes, someone is a legacy!
I honor her once more.
"Mother, you're exactly what
a "Mother's Day" is for!
Thank you for exemplifying
all the traits of "good;"
And I sing out your attributes
as everybody should!"

I am so blessed!  As you have probably gathered, I noted to myself that this week in this ministry should be dedicated to my mom.  God saw fit to do the same and provided the words that you, the reader, continue to receive.  For without Him I could write nothing. 
Honor your own mother in some way this week...and always!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


It's amazing how much our personal decisions affect other people.
As I look back, I wonder

What if she decided that
she didn't want one more,
how many words would go unsaid...
what are these verses for?

What if she decided that
her love was not enough
when they revealed these handicaps
and all of my "health stuff?"

What if she thought a waste of time
fielding all my questions?
What impact upon my own
would be but 'mere suggestions?'

So much could seem "mere rhetoric,"
but I have truth to share:
to have a mother such as mine
is beautiful and rare!
Make your own to know the blessing
that she is to you
and thank God every day for all
that she has brought you through!

"Happy Mother's Day, momma.
I hope all of my readers realize what a wonderful person you are, and I pray that each of them can feel the same about their own mom!"

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

One "Day?"

"Mother's Day" approaches, and again I struggle with that concept.
Sure, it is great that there is a day set aside for her, but it be utterly criminal to honor her for just one day!
I don't know about you, but my mom deserves honor every day! 

Mom--once more the privilege
of honoring arises;
honoring the one who's yet
continuing surprises!
A gift it is to get a call
from you out of the blue,
and those little 'packages' that
contain so much of you!

Momma--so the honor is
with gratitude to God!
For He sees fit that you survive
the many steps you trod!
Steps that have so many want
to follow in the same...
steps that have me go to prayer
mentioning your name!

Mother--oh the gift I get
at your every thought!
Thus, a very gifted man
from oh, the years you've wrought!
The same to be more precious daily
as we honor you.
Bless you, mom, for we draw life
from all the love you do!

Again, so blessed is this man to still have momma.  To still have momma to give me her honest opinion.  To still have momma brave enough to give me her honest opinion!
May each of you honor your "mom" on this Mother's "Day?"

Monday, May 7, 2012

Unpeaceful an unpeaceful day.  Why?
The doctor calls explaining what my latest tests revealed...
My friend sends a note asking for prayer because his mother passed away today...
I could only work for two hours because of the condition my best friend has...
Peace.  What's wrong with me?

There is peace that can't be measured,
fathomed or explained.
There is calm in spite of any storm,
a calm that is ordained!
There is a place inside the fray
to rest and to relax-
because the Lord is in control,
and He never slacks!

Jesus-He is always there,
no matter who will call;
He waivers not in situation,
no surprises fall!
I can cling to Him at all times,
even at that hour
when I can no longer see,
and gone be all my power!

Thus have I peace that is unknown
lest you belong to Him!
He is the Light in all of life
and He will NEVER dim!
Cling to Him yourself and know
that truth of what I say!
Jesus Christ-my perfect peace-
the Truth, the Life, the Way!

Know Jesus.  Know Peace!
Know the awesome Presence of Him in ALL that you go through!
I do.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

A Chosen Generation

1 Peter 2:9 reminds us that we, as Christians, are a chosen generation.  What does that mean?
Does that mean that we are better than anyone else?
(I think we know where that attitude leads!)
It DOES mean that we, as His children, have favor in this life.  Let us live accordingly.

"You have saved us.  We've become
a chosen generation!
Even to anoint us, for to be
a holy nation!
No matter the environment,
oh God, from whence we come,
You have saved, delivered us,
and victory the sum!

You have saved us!  We are born
again because of You!
Only to say "Yes!"  It is
so simple, Lord, to do?
Why does it take a lifetime, then,
(and even some, too late,)
for us to realize, in You
alone, is sealed our fate?

You have saved us!  We receive You
with a thankful heart!
Teach to us Your ways, oh Lord,
that we should not depart!
Too many are the ways of life
that do not lead to living!
We submit to You alone
and all that You are giving!

Live each day in such a way that folks would see the favor of God in and through you and desire the same!


Glory overshadows...
splendor overtakes;
Majesty approaches
and all creation shakes!

Magnificent, the Lord upon arrival-
Jesus Christ, in glory to appear!
We are blessed again by holy Presence;
He is Lord, o come and see Him here!
Everyone receives an invitation-
let nothing of this living interfere!
Come to Jesus!  See Him in His glory!
Fall in adoration and revere!

He is worthy - give what is required!
He is glorious and nothing less!
He is Jesus-know Him as your Savior- 
all else in life to matter so much less!

Life matters. 
Each of us make decisions daily that matter.
There is a matter, however, that is precedent far and above all decisions in the day:  Is Jesus Christ Lord of your life?
Yes, He reveals to me His glory and His Majesty as the words above prove, but unless He lives inside your heart those may be 'just words.'
He came that we might have His life inside of our hearts.
Let Him in!
Know Jesus as your Savior...Make life matter!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Still the Morning...

Almost summer in the morning-
nothing moves around;
dew to rest on everything
connected to the ground;
nary e'en a whisper in
the branches or the limbs...
but somewhere in the distance can
be faintly heard sweet hymns.

Jesus walks in mornings where
is absent living sign.
Serenity as such is even
part of His design.
How many have the patience to
behold this and receive?
How many are the blessings unto
them that do believe?!

Walk into the stillness,
wait for Him to come.
Great will be your reward
with victory the sum!

What about you?
Can you handle time with God that is silent and still?
And it is not always as beautiful as this morning is.
It is, however, very beneficial for you and your day.
Make that time for Him, even if "nothing" seems to happen!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A Certain Voice

The hustle and bustle of life...
Oh, but God provides escape for them that call upon Him...

A certain voice beyond the Jordan
ever-clearly calls
telling of a land of love
where is not any walls!
Color there will be unknown,
bodies will be whole!
Status, it will matter not
to Him Who saves the soul!

"Keep calling, oh ye Blessed Voice
beyond the Jordan flow!
The sweetness of the life You tender,
oh, to surely know!
E'en the hope of it as I
yet dwell where life would wane,
it is that ever-welcome lift
above whatever pain!"

Oh, the voice beyond the Jordan,
Vision fixed on your Creator,
Him do I extol!
He is the Voice, the ever-present
voice wherever I'm,
and His Name shall be magnified
until the end of time!'

Can you hear that Voice?  Listen closely for it!  The sound of many waters is oh, so healing!