Saturday, April 21, 2012

Wondrous Love

Every one of us must make a commitment to Jesus in order to have eternal life and know the goodness of His Life.
But what about that time before we come to that point?  Does that mean God has nothing to do with us?
My heart cries out, with gratitude, a resounding "NO WAY!!"

In the darkest of my life,
a Light was there aglow;
loneliness and destitution
ne'er came I to know!
For it is written, "Ne'er again
shall be forsaken I,"
and it is proven, of a truth,
by Him Who reigns on high!

Of a truth, no darkness is
as I belong to Him.
But truly, e'en before that day,
it only came to dim.
For even as I look behind,
beyond that blessed day,
I see the very Light of God
offering a way!

So thankful for the hand of God
before His love I knew!
Tell me, is there a love more faithful
or a love more true?
Oh, help me sing of wondrous love
until my dying day
to help all others realize
the Truth, the Life, the Way!

Where are you today?
Are you away from God?  Can you still see/hear/feel His love wooing you even in that place?  That's the Holy Spirit inviting you!  Don't ignore Him any longer!  Invite Jesus to be Lord of your life and get to know Him more and more!

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Leola said...

Your a blessing.