Thursday, April 19, 2012

Victoria Jean

I got a phone call last evening.  It was my daughter.  She was crying as she read some words that I wrote 25 years ago.  I wrote them shortly after she was brought into the world!
Here they are again as a tribute to her:

In absolute humility,
I say "Lord, who am I,
that with the birth of life itself
on us You would rely?
As praises rang throughout the room
... to us did You bestow
a very precious infant girl
to raise as You would show.
Those tiny, little perfect hands,
that lovely little face...
Lord God, if this is how You see us
through Your saving grace,
then now I sort of understand
everything You've done
to make sure we have everything
through Jesus Christ, Your Son.
For I would do most anything
for this, my family,
and, Lord God, You've done everything
for all humanity!
And as we are accountable,
Lord Jesus, unto You,
help us to do our best, oh Lord,
to raise her unto You;
that, by the very lives we live,
in us, she would see You
that when it comes to point of choice
to You would she be true.

Happy Birthday, Vickilove

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