Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Times that are

The times are very is beginning.
There has been a stir, a hush, and a roar around here that none can explain!
The prophets have hunches...but the religious leaders of the day just shoot them down.
What is going on?

The time is close at hand!
A king to take command?!
So many years have passed...
Deliverance at last?

But looking only with the eyes
will not reveal His reign!
And looking for an earthly king?!
He looks so very 'plain!'
And that which has been prophesied?
But such could never be!
All the while...the times and seasons...
very queer they be!

The time is close at hand...
But One shall take a stand!
Truth-oh Truth prevail!
Jesus will not fail!

Those of the day could not see very far.  Some could not see at all, while others flat ignored that right before their eyes!
We have the Word of God to show us the Truth.  No excuses.
Can you see what is happening in the times that are?

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