Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Sweet April

Beautiful morning...
Glorious day...

"I glory in your coming,
sweet April of the year.
You have so many promises,
you are so welcome here!
That which we expect from you-
you never disappoint!
We know, we know that God Himself,
your fullness would anoint!

Spring forward in your presence,
sweet April of the year!
Life comes forth from all directions
as you come so near!
The greatest Life, though, coming forth
as life to one and all!
Jesus Christ, alive again!
Come to Him, one and all! April!
So welcome and so new!
Buds and blossoms frolic in
the freshness of the dew!
And all beneath the watchful eye
of Father God Creator-
He is the Maker of You and
there is not any greater!!

Rejoice in the newness of life that is "April!"

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