Saturday, April 21, 2012

Summer in the Limbs

Though time is yet "one day at a time," there are still hints of time that is not yet.
Can you see them?

Summer is yet hidden
amongst the brittle limbs;
'tis of a truth contained within
according to the hymns!
My knowledge, too, be privy, yet
all this be bidden 'Hush!'
this, even in the Ozarks, is
preferred not to rush.

And in the hush, so very many
things become more clear.
I am enlightened to the fact
that He is always near!
And I am aware of peace
that hasn't any name;
I dare not seek a term, but only
revel in the same!

The hush upon the Ozarks in
a peace that passes all;
and, o'er the meadow faintly, I
can hear the cattle bawl;
a sound to only fascinate
an eventide so fine
beneath the summer in the limbs
of aged Ozark pine.

And there are hints of season right there where you are.  Do you recognize them?
Do you have time to recognize them?
Try it.

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