Thursday, April 5, 2012

Stranger things

Strange things happening...still.
The religious community is in an uproar over one Man!
Them that are supposed to be demonstrating love are so filled with rage that the common man can hardly speak to them!
Will life ever be the same again?

Nothing is the same
because of just one Name.
Just the mention of Him sets
some attitudes aflame!

Miracles, they say,
have happened on His way;
but there is something 'different' now,
and ALL have much to say!

The accusations fly...
the "who...what...where and why!"
A good man?  A righteous Man?

But why, then, must He die?!

Nothing is the same...
and what if Friday never came?!
Then I could never write such words
free from wretched blame!

And neither could you.
The events of this week had to be...have to be...just so you and I can know grace and mercy.  He suffered for such as we!
Think about it earnestly.

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