Saturday, April 21, 2012

Set the Standard!

"Integrity is what I am when no one is looking."
Again, this quote visits me as I spend time in prayer.
In the world's eye, integrity is almost a curse!  Just look at some of the most famous people of the day.  It seems like only a matter of time before they are caught in a scandal.  (Or another one!)  And those who are not are often thought of as 'boring,' or forgotten about altogether.
What's wrong with us?

Passion-it is real;
it is known, of a truth.
Zeal-it is evident...
memories of youth!
Oh, treasure that so, guard it!
For it is of great price!
Many are desirous,
few, though, sacrifice.

Passion-it is real!
Oh seek ye nothing less!
Acquire, deep within,
a taste for righteousness!
But set yourself a standard
that must be ALWAYS reached,
purposing within you
to practice what is preached!

Appetites must change.  We are too accustomed to accepting what is not acceptable to God.
Who are you when no one's looking?

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