Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Ocean

Tossed about the angry sea,
I spot a bay serene;
and, 'neath the billowed ivories,
the rolling hills of green...
Such would seem a vast mirage
due to this, my state,
oh, but it is very real
and placed by One so great!
And surely I am bidden to
set anchor in that cove.
It's beauty and serenity
are part of, oh, the trove!
Restoration be there, yea,
and panacean calm;
oh, the blest oasis of
my loving Father's palm!

The ocean-it is necessary,
this I've come to know.
But must it e'er be looked upon
with apprehensive woe?
See the beauty of it, yea,
and the growth in such;
perhaps, then, when you face it next,
the dread will not be much.

The Ocean.  Another landscape in life.  Meaning so many things to so many people.  What does it signify in your life?
Surely, each of must be out upon the sea at one point or another, but don't forget who walks upon and calms those seas!  His Name is Jesus!

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