Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Many Waters

In Revelation 14:2, John shares with us about a voice that he hears...but the voice sounds quite unlike any vocal tone I've ever heard!  Oh, but I know the wonders of it and the affects of it! 
Do you?

A voice that sounds like many waters,
oh so clearly heard;
soothing peace to be with each
and every single word.
Could I discern the message less
the Holy Spirit's aid?
But even clearer to the heart,
with His help, it is made!

A melody so very constant,
oh so clearly heard.
Its beauty is of such that nowhere
else is it occurred!
The sound of many harps and, oh,
the voice of thunder, too!
With the Spirit's quickening,
I have it all in view!

The Voice-it is the Son of God,
so perfect and so chaste;
and the many waters are
so pleasant, aye, to taste!
And the melody, it e'er
accompanies my Lord;
and in them all I am revived,
excited and restored!

Oh, when you hear the many waters
enter in and bask!
If there be a need within,
there you must only ask!
For there availed is everything
a body could require
provided by a Love that is
described as but "Entire!"

Listen for the waters...enter in!  Immerse yourself without reserve into the fullness of God!  There is no greater refreshing!

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