Saturday, April 21, 2012

Loved Ones Gone

What can we do about the pain we feel about them?

How can I address that which
is dwelt within the heart?
Can be committed unto word
the loves ones to depart?
Except to voice the memories
of joy and love and peace,
there be no other way to bid
the negative to cease.

"To know they are alive again,"
to go so very far!
And serenity to know,
with Jesus Christ, they are!
And hope beyond the heavenlies,
too, be indwelt within...
oh, when to grasp the truth that we
shall see them once again?!

Yea, beyond the instinct that
I have to moan and grieve,
is Him with all of the above
in Whom I do believe!
And they that are departed, He's
received them, yea, at last,
and they're indwelt in Paradise
while ages, they are passed!

So wonderful, the promise of the Father that "to be absent from the body is to be present with Him!" 
Do you know that promise?  Cling to it with all of your heart!  It is one of the greatest comforts there are!

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