Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Many Waters

In Revelation 14:2, John shares with us about a voice that he hears...but the voice sounds quite unlike any vocal tone I've ever heard!  Oh, but I know the wonders of it and the affects of it! 
Do you?

A voice that sounds like many waters,
oh so clearly heard;
soothing peace to be with each
and every single word.
Could I discern the message less
the Holy Spirit's aid?
But even clearer to the heart,
with His help, it is made!

A melody so very constant,
oh so clearly heard.
Its beauty is of such that nowhere
else is it occurred!
The sound of many harps and, oh,
the voice of thunder, too!
With the Spirit's quickening,
I have it all in view!

The Voice-it is the Son of God,
so perfect and so chaste;
and the many waters are
so pleasant, aye, to taste!
And the melody, it e'er
accompanies my Lord;
and in them all I am revived,
excited and restored!

Oh, when you hear the many waters
enter in and bask!
If there be a need within,
there you must only ask!
For there availed is everything
a body could require
provided by a Love that is
described as but "Entire!"

Listen for the waters...enter in!  Immerse yourself without reserve into the fullness of God!  There is no greater refreshing!

Wondrous Love

Every one of us must make a commitment to Jesus in order to have eternal life and know the goodness of His Life.
But what about that time before we come to that point?  Does that mean God has nothing to do with us?
My heart cries out, with gratitude, a resounding "NO WAY!!"

In the darkest of my life,
a Light was there aglow;
loneliness and destitution
ne'er came I to know!
For it is written, "Ne'er again
shall be forsaken I,"
and it is proven, of a truth,
by Him Who reigns on high!

Of a truth, no darkness is
as I belong to Him.
But truly, e'en before that day,
it only came to dim.
For even as I look behind,
beyond that blessed day,
I see the very Light of God
offering a way!

So thankful for the hand of God
before His love I knew!
Tell me, is there a love more faithful
or a love more true?
Oh, help me sing of wondrous love
until my dying day
to help all others realize
the Truth, the Life, the Way!

Where are you today?
Are you away from God?  Can you still see/hear/feel His love wooing you even in that place?  That's the Holy Spirit inviting you!  Don't ignore Him any longer!  Invite Jesus to be Lord of your life and get to know Him more and more!

Loved Ones Gone

What can we do about the pain we feel about them?

How can I address that which
is dwelt within the heart?
Can be committed unto word
the loves ones to depart?
Except to voice the memories
of joy and love and peace,
there be no other way to bid
the negative to cease.

"To know they are alive again,"
to go so very far!
And serenity to know,
with Jesus Christ, they are!
And hope beyond the heavenlies,
too, be indwelt within...
oh, when to grasp the truth that we
shall see them once again?!

Yea, beyond the instinct that
I have to moan and grieve,
is Him with all of the above
in Whom I do believe!
And they that are departed, He's
received them, yea, at last,
and they're indwelt in Paradise
while ages, they are passed!

So wonderful, the promise of the Father that "to be absent from the body is to be present with Him!" 
Do you know that promise?  Cling to it with all of your heart!  It is one of the greatest comforts there are!

The Ocean

Tossed about the angry sea,
I spot a bay serene;
and, 'neath the billowed ivories,
the rolling hills of green...
Such would seem a vast mirage
due to this, my state,
oh, but it is very real
and placed by One so great!
And surely I am bidden to
set anchor in that cove.
It's beauty and serenity
are part of, oh, the trove!
Restoration be there, yea,
and panacean calm;
oh, the blest oasis of
my loving Father's palm!

The ocean-it is necessary,
this I've come to know.
But must it e'er be looked upon
with apprehensive woe?
See the beauty of it, yea,
and the growth in such;
perhaps, then, when you face it next,
the dread will not be much.

The Ocean.  Another landscape in life.  Meaning so many things to so many people.  What does it signify in your life?
Surely, each of must be out upon the sea at one point or another, but don't forget who walks upon and calms those seas!  His Name is Jesus!

Summer in the Limbs

Though time is yet "one day at a time," there are still hints of time that is not yet.
Can you see them?

Summer is yet hidden
amongst the brittle limbs;
'tis of a truth contained within
according to the hymns!
My knowledge, too, be privy, yet
all this be bidden 'Hush!'
this, even in the Ozarks, is
preferred not to rush.

And in the hush, so very many
things become more clear.
I am enlightened to the fact
that He is always near!
And I am aware of peace
that hasn't any name;
I dare not seek a term, but only
revel in the same!

The hush upon the Ozarks in
a peace that passes all;
and, o'er the meadow faintly, I
can hear the cattle bawl;
a sound to only fascinate
an eventide so fine
beneath the summer in the limbs
of aged Ozark pine.

And there are hints of season right there where you are.  Do you recognize them?
Do you have time to recognize them?
Try it.

Set the Standard!

"Integrity is what I am when no one is looking."
Again, this quote visits me as I spend time in prayer.
In the world's eye, integrity is almost a curse!  Just look at some of the most famous people of the day.  It seems like only a matter of time before they are caught in a scandal.  (Or another one!)  And those who are not are often thought of as 'boring,' or forgotten about altogether.
What's wrong with us?

Passion-it is real;
it is known, of a truth.
Zeal-it is evident...
memories of youth!
Oh, treasure that so, guard it!
For it is of great price!
Many are desirous,
few, though, sacrifice.

Passion-it is real!
Oh seek ye nothing less!
Acquire, deep within,
a taste for righteousness!
But set yourself a standard
that must be ALWAYS reached,
purposing within you
to practice what is preached!

Appetites must change.  We are too accustomed to accepting what is not acceptable to God.
Who are you when no one's looking?


Fragile, even to the faintest whisper,
a humble home, vacant in the breeze;
visible in early even sunlight
‘twixt the walnut and the maple trees;
constructed from a blueprint ever-ancient
with materials one cannot know,1
it captures yet the poet’s fascination
underneath the canopy to go.

Do not fail me now, vocabulary!
The arachnid’s home I must explain!
What if I start with how it catches moisture
when is come the fog or gentle rain?
Or how about the measurements within it,
numerous dimensions, so exact?
Of all that I know of this blessed world,
‘tis one of most captivating fact!

Yea, vocabulary, try to capture verbiage
fitting of this miracle of life.
To some, security…fascination…
to others, absolutely horrid strife!
But today, the subject of my journal
as I am taken by the beauty of
the web out in the early morning garden,
tended by my Father God above.

How often have you passed this home and ignored it?
Have you ever stopped and marvelled at the wonder of it?
Creator God creating...


Brand new day in spring-
all the birds to sing,
all of life abloom...
blest vision, sweet perfume!

"Creator of the spring,
to You our lives we bring!
That same life that You give
with vigor do we live!"

Brand new day in spring-
rebuke the 'same old thing...'
and make this new day count:
dispense The Living Fount!

So wonderful, so glorious is His creation today, but there are too many in our lives that will go through today and not even give a thought to God or His Presence!  We can change that!
Each of us are, (or should be,) a reflection of God's glory.
Where will you shine today?

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Victoria Jean

I got a phone call last evening.  It was my daughter.  She was crying as she read some words that I wrote 25 years ago.  I wrote them shortly after she was brought into the world!
Here they are again as a tribute to her:

In absolute humility,
I say "Lord, who am I,
that with the birth of life itself
on us You would rely?
As praises rang throughout the room
... to us did You bestow
a very precious infant girl
to raise as You would show.
Those tiny, little perfect hands,
that lovely little face...
Lord God, if this is how You see us
through Your saving grace,
then now I sort of understand
everything You've done
to make sure we have everything
through Jesus Christ, Your Son.
For I would do most anything
for this, my family,
and, Lord God, You've done everything
for all humanity!
And as we are accountable,
Lord Jesus, unto You,
help us to do our best, oh Lord,
to raise her unto You;
that, by the very lives we live,
in us, she would see You
that when it comes to point of choice
to You would she be true.

Happy Birthday, Vickilove

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Time is short...
I know, we've heard it for years, "JESUS IS COMING!"
But this I know, too: we are one day closer to His return!
Will you live accordingly?

The hour is at hand.
What says your heart, o man?
Is Jesus Christ in you,
or differ does your view?

The time, the time to while...
when will you reconcile?!
For sure, the hour is come-
eternity, the sum!

The time is come, and now!
Secure your ONLY vow!
Give Jesus Christ your heart-
to Heaven you'll depart!

Jesus loves you so much that He provides escape from Hell: HEAVEN!
Will you be there? 
The hour is come...

Monday, April 16, 2012


So welcome...

Already are the roses reaching,
stretching into bloom!
Already is the air resplendent
with that blest perfume!
All of life to come alive
reciprocating such
to The God of Glory for
His great and glorious touch!

So welcome...
MAKE the time to notice His creation today.
For most, it takes no effort at all!
SPRING.  Brought to you by Creator God.

Sunday, April 8, 2012



"RISE UP!" the Father says to Him,
on this most holy day!
Death to now be powerless
and Jesus is the way!
It may be 'just a morning' in
the earliest of Spring,
but it's a day in history
that changes everything!

"RISE UP!"  He says to death and sickness,
"My blood has the power!
All afflictions have to bow
from this very hour!"
This morning is the Conqueror
victorious once more,
and proven, His ability
to save, heal and restore!

"Rise up," He tells you as He sees you
struggle on the way,
"all that you have need of is
provided on this day!"
He endures what we cannot,
He gives what no one can
to settle and establish you-
oh, what glorious Plan!


Celebrate Jesus!  HE IS LIFE!
God the Father loves you and I so much that He sends His only Son...and then seats Him at His right hand forever for our good!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

A place in life

Looking for a place to find,
looking to find a place...
I know there is a purpose, 'cause
I know that there is grace!
Everybody looks for 'something,'
I look for someOne,
His Name, His Name is Jesus Christ,
and He is God's Own Son!
In Him is so much purpose;
in Him I am found...
love and peace and joy and hope-
life is finally sound!
And life beyond, life unknown,
He even takes care of
for all of them that are His Own
because of His great love!

Are you looking for a place?
Is your heart settled so?
The Door, it is yet open so
you can securely know!
The Son of God--God, the Son,
Jesus Christ alone-
your place in this life and beyond
in Him, let it be known!

This Easter weekend is all about God doing His best for you.  He gave His Finest. 
What are you going to do about it?

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Stranger things

Strange things happening...still.
The religious community is in an uproar over one Man!
Them that are supposed to be demonstrating love are so filled with rage that the common man can hardly speak to them!
Will life ever be the same again?

Nothing is the same
because of just one Name.
Just the mention of Him sets
some attitudes aflame!

Miracles, they say,
have happened on His way;
but there is something 'different' now,
and ALL have much to say!

The accusations fly...
the "who...what...where and why!"
A good man?  A righteous Man?

But why, then, must He die?!

Nothing is the same...
and what if Friday never came?!
Then I could never write such words
free from wretched blame!

And neither could you.
The events of this week had to be...have to be...just so you and I can know grace and mercy.  He suffered for such as we!
Think about it earnestly.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Times that are

The times are very is beginning.
There has been a stir, a hush, and a roar around here that none can explain!
The prophets have hunches...but the religious leaders of the day just shoot them down.
What is going on?

The time is close at hand!
A king to take command?!
So many years have passed...
Deliverance at last?

But looking only with the eyes
will not reveal His reign!
And looking for an earthly king?!
He looks so very 'plain!'
And that which has been prophesied?
But such could never be!
All the while...the times and seasons...
very queer they be!

The time is close at hand...
But One shall take a stand!
Truth-oh Truth prevail!
Jesus will not fail!

Those of the day could not see very far.  Some could not see at all, while others flat ignored that right before their eyes!
We have the Word of God to show us the Truth.  No excuses.
Can you see what is happening in the times that are?

Sweet April

Beautiful morning...
Glorious day...

"I glory in your coming,
sweet April of the year.
You have so many promises,
you are so welcome here!
That which we expect from you-
you never disappoint!
We know, we know that God Himself,
your fullness would anoint!

Spring forward in your presence,
sweet April of the year!
Life comes forth from all directions
as you come so near!
The greatest Life, though, coming forth
as life to one and all!
Jesus Christ, alive again!
Come to Him, one and all! April!
So welcome and so new!
Buds and blossoms frolic in
the freshness of the dew!
And all beneath the watchful eye
of Father God Creator-
He is the Maker of You and
there is not any greater!!

Rejoice in the newness of life that is "April!"