Monday, March 26, 2012

What Purpose?

The glory of the Lord be upon you...
The favor of the Lord be upon you...
The simplicity of the Lord be upon you!

Too often, I go out in the world and try to speak to them in the vernacular that God & I have, or the language we use in church.
That often, I go right over their heads!
Jesus spoke in parables, but those around Him understood. Those who were meant to receive it grasped it just fine!
So what do we do? Are we open to the Holy Spirit and His lead? If we are willing, He will tell us exactly what to say when! We must only be open and available for His use.

"Use me once again in ways
the glorify Your Name.
I used to glorify myself,
but then Your Spirit came.
He made me see my error,
He gave me a new tongue,
and since He lives inside of me
a new song have I sung!

Oh, use me for Your purposes,
and crucify my own!
Too often, the ulterior,
its ugly head be shown!
But I would give myself to that
which glorifies You only!
Every other purpose leaves one
destitute and lonely!

Oh, but use this man as You
alone see fit always.
I want to be a blessing to You
each and all my days!
These words that flow from me, may they
reach out, reach in for You,
that You would get the glory and
all adoration due!

These words are from God, yet they are to glorify Him and draw all unto Him! They are not for my own glory! But how can they draw others to God if they are so lofty that they cannot be understood?
What about you? Do you do what you do for His glory? Can others understand that?

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