Sunday, March 18, 2012


As Truth approaches, truth of what God went through to associate with us and purchase us, we hear of wretched atrocities that a lot of people have become numb to.

He comes so humble, so unique;
the Father's passion for to pique!
His only Son, to live, to die...
the volumes, oh, to prophesy!
But death, but death could not contain
the One Who bore redemption's stain!
"O manger humble, know ye not
that such a Tenant you have got?!"

Environs crude...once more unique...
containing God the Son, so meek'
Our only Hope, there on display;
our only flight from yonder day!
But now enthroned so high, so high!
And coming soon for you and I
if we have got His Blood applied:
the Blood of Him alive Who died!

Keep the Truth, the power and the promise alive in your life!
Keep Jesus in the center of Your heart, your day, your life!
He is far greater than seasonal, and more UNIQUE than anything else!

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