Thursday, March 29, 2012


Again, life finds us caught up trying to make time for everything!
In moments like these, I realize

Time for Jesus I must make,
precious moments for to take;
no emotion there to fake,
foundations of the soul to shake!

Time for God the Father, true.
On His face to fasten view;
every word to be anew-
spoken and unspoken, too!

And time for the Holy Ghost.
He, to be my journey's Host!
Into God's Presence, there to boast
as I receive the very most!

A moment for The Trinity-
everything to surely be
present here, endowed to me;
"Enable me to clearly see!"

Take time for God today. MAKE time for God today.
Sure, you have a busy day, but nothing inside that day is more important than time with Your Father Who loves you.

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