Friday, March 30, 2012

Through the Garden...

Among the lovely roses
with essence all their own,
there, a weary figure
pacing all alone.
Thorns about at every hand,
so His life has been
as He has given all in so
becoming all for men.

"Oh may this cup not ever come,
oh let this hour flee!"
so to cry that instinct proving
He is part of me.
"Nonetheless," as drops of blood fall,
"not My will but Thine..."
further confirmation of
a calling so divine.

In the perfect garden
dare I further gaze?
Can my soul bear witnessing
His suffering these days?!
Then assurance to the heart:
He suffers it for me!
Then, deeper in humility,
for sure the Witness be!

Among the lovely roses
of costliest perfume
there stands the Rose of Sharon,
o destiny resume!
The only One so willing to
endure to the reward.
Between the roses and the lilies

And He endures the garden for even you! Don't let His labors be in vain!

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