Monday, March 19, 2012

Thinking of Life

When I think of Jesus,
what is it that I see?
Do I see His arms outstretched
as He carries me?
Do I see Him point at me
when at His Father's side,
smiling, laughing, talking with
a voice that swells with pride?

When I think of Jesus, do I
see Him scratch His head
as I fail one more time,
ignoring to be led?
Accusations and reminders
of my ugly past-
they are not part of Him at all,
forgotten they are cast!

When I think of Jesus, it's
perfection that I see,
and I am part of it as He
embraces even me!
See yourself inside Him as
You take Him into heart-
those visions of life good and new,
to you will He impart!

Think of Jesus as Someone who wants to be with you, and something other than just a "watchdog in the sky!"
If you only see being born again as a life of rules and regulations, then the greatest life alive is passing you by!

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