Monday, March 5, 2012


"The glory of Your majesty,
so very old, so new!
You are so very genuine,
yet we depend on You!
I know that You will always show,
yet I cannot know how!
Lord, You are so original,
but none can tell me how!

The glory of Your mighty hand
come in the season's limbs.
It causes this and every bard
to scramble for the 'nyms!
What grand compulsion come to them
that seek for to record
the properest description of
the handwork of the Lord!"

Early, early in the season...
oh what blessed vow!
Life! For there is life to bloom
and only days from now!
Spring to life, ye people!
Rejoice in God's creation!
Revive your contact with Him and
enjoy that blest relation!

The seasons and the days are not the only thing He makes new. God wants to make everything in your life new! It comes through His Son Jesus and being born again in Him!
Ask Him for that newness today, won't you?

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