Friday, March 23, 2012


Pray with me today:
"Walk through my life and take the things
that You do not allow;
heal me, Lord, of all diseases,
only You know how!
Jesus, You can see what is
much better than I can;
see the life that I will live:
the man that is the man.
Lord, You have a perfect plan,
a purpose for my living.
Show me today the ones in need,
that I be so giving.
What I have is more than that
which they cling to so dearly,
You are everything in me-
may they see that so clearly!
I am a very wealthy man,
but not for me to boast;
I have that within which they
require the very most!
Love them through me, Jesus, draw them
to the love You are,
and cause the care we have for them
to go so very far.

God in us works through us...if we obey.
Are you available to God for His use in your world today?
There is no greater Employer!

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