Friday, March 16, 2012

Personal Again

Whooaaa....slow down.
So many things going on.
Too many things going on!
I know exactly what to do, though.
I know exactly Who to go see...

Personal with Jesus only
He and I alone;
a place and time with only precious
intimacy known.
How often, in relationship,
is encountered such?
Render vulnerability
to foster deeper touch.
Be such a factor, though, to even
hinder an approach?
So numerous be variables
striving to encroach!
They must not be allowed to have
affect, oh hear me say,
with my rapport with Him Who is
the Truth, the Life, the Way.

"O Jesus, Savior of my soul,
take hold of me, I pray!
Freely do I give again
mine all-in-all today!
Disciple, teach me, change me as
we sup here, just we two,
that I bear witness of Your Presence
in all that I do!

Have a great day WITH Jesus! He will allow you to.
If you turn it over to Him, He will help you with all that must be done, AND give you rest!
It's very worth it.

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