Saturday, March 10, 2012

Painting a page

Again, to decorate a page
with that upon the heart;
exclusive, there contained the tools,
to practice such an art.
Clutched in hand, the ball-point brush,
the palette be be the mind,
but only with the heart be there
a masterpiece to find!

A bouquet of serenity...
a landscape of delight...
a portrait of eternal life...
a silhouette of light?
O summon all the elements
that will accomplish such!
But supplication to the Father-
first and final touch!

And now that are assembled all
that's needed in array,
there is absolutely nothing
this page cannot say
save that which yet be foreign to
the Spirit and the Son!
"So here is this, Thy Servant,
Father God, Thy will be done!"

Nothing is written or spoken in "Words to His Servant" apart from the leading of the Holy Spirit.
It is my prayer that the words you hear from here be life and breath to you, as well!
Pray for this writer to continually be receptive to the Holy Spirit and all that He has to say!

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