Saturday, March 10, 2012

Obvious Creation

Open your eyes...look around...

How can such wonder be ignored,
overlooked at will?
God waves His very is

ignored but even still!
While all about is evidence
of how we've interfered,
much more abundant is His touch,
and it's to be revered!

The splendor and the spectacle of trees
playing with the gentlest of breeze...
the miracle of flight in all the birds-
how often has the same confounded words?
The variance of landscape everywhere-
and none of it apart from Father's care!

How can such wonder be ignored?
One must be ignorant!
The spectacle of ALL we see-
for it is Heaven-sent!

Spectacular! The works of His hands are more than words...but the writer is COMPELLED to capture the same!
May you see and feel the same as you see Father God's creation!

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