Saturday, March 31, 2012


What are you talking about?
What is it so deep inside of you that you are so passionate about that you talk about it?
Do you eat, sleep, drink and live it? Or Him...?

"My mouth shall e'er recount Your grace
and righteousness all day!
To specify their limits, would
my heart cry out "NO WAY!"
For even when vocabulary
would approach at all,
newer You become and I
yet lack the wherewithal!

Oh, but I will hope continually
and worship only You!
The talents You have loaned to me
be used for glory due!
All that I am to reach always
for that which You contain,
and share it with my brother man
in ways so very plain!"

I stole these words from David. He wrote them in Psalm 71. He was passionate about something! And we have many of his words to reflect on.
Get to know God so much that you just cannot contain it!

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