Friday, March 30, 2012

More than meets the eye!

Beyond the vision of the day,
so far beyond a 'sight,'
there be a vision oh so fair
whence ever I'll delight!
The glories in that Perfect Place,
they have no equal here,
oh, and they shall be my stay
if I but persevere!

Beyond the vision of the day,
so far beyond each chore,
there be a vision of a place
where labor be no more!
That doesn't mean activity
will altogether cease,
for I will worship and attend
my Lord and Prince of Peace!

Beyond the vision of the day
there be a Day eterne,
and, of the wonder of the same,
it's Maker helps me learn
a lesson for to draw upon
when vision I may lack;
serenity, hope, freedom, joy
to then come rushing back!

Beyond the vision of the day
be greater so for me!
Stellar be the wonderment
availed for such as we!
Let there be not one prevention
for our travel there
to dwell in His unending love
ad in His perfect care!

The day is busy. The day is filled with items and issues. None of it shall blind me, however, to Him Who is greater than the day: Jesus Christ!
Jesus is the One Who gets me through the days that are and keeps me yearning for the days that are yet to come!
Set your heart and eyes on Him, and the day will be much easier.

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