Monday, March 19, 2012

"In" the World...

In the world, but not of
the world all the day,
tending to the things upon
the Straight and Narrow Way.
Regardless, though, what it contains,
now my desire be
to put it all behind me seeking
Audience of Three!
Oh, and in a holy place,
anointing permeates
as, in my soul and spirit,
perfect peace He there creates!
Oh, and there, His dwelling place,
peace that passes all-
there, reaffirmation of
a high and holy call!
And affirmation that I am
above the daily grind;
but I must be 'in' it so that
others, they may find
how to emerge victorious,
whatever brings the day!
"Oh God, assist me to that end
upon the Narrow Way!"

"In" the world upon the Narrow Way. That is where everyone of us spends most of our time.
Though it is inevitable, God provides an awesome escape from it upon request! Have you been there? Go there...but don't stay there! There is much work to do for us "in" the world!

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