Monday, March 19, 2012

Early Opportunities

Early in the morning...Jesus and there something I am supposed to write about...

Would there be a word afresh
to flow out of my heart?
"Would there be a word afresh
Your Spirit to impart?
Would there be something You would say
through me to bless someone?
Here am I, your willing scribe,
oh God, Your will be done!"

Oh, the precious peace that is
as I am seeking such!
Oh, the joy that can't be told
that comes, Lord, at Your touch!
Oh, the many attributes
of You upon the day
as I pause and yield myself
to that which You would say!

How many are the words that come
as You and I commune?
But Lord, let NOTHING matter now,
no issue to impugn!
You and I in company,
and nothing will distract!
At Your each emotion, Lord,
my spirit to react!"

Early in the morning...Jesus and myself...what a wonder! What a way to communicate, receive, and give back to Him!
Let nothing keep you from it!

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