Saturday, March 31, 2012


They are throwing palm branches down on the road before his mount!
The crowds are crying out

O blessed be His Name!"
None other be so beautiful,
none other be the same!
So wonderful, so glorious,
let not the rocks cry out!
He is the King of kings, the One
life cannot be without!

Can you see Him? Are you even looking?
Jesus is come for YOU! Jesus has gone through all that this coming week holds just for you!
Was it in vain?

Straight Ahead...

On the Straight and Narrow...
There are so many side roads...detours...distractions.
Will we stay the course?

Straight ahead to fasten gaze,
(though much be attempting faze,)
all obstructions, aye, to raze!
Prepare the self for to amaze!
That upon the left and right,
that to put my peace to flight,
my destiny be stayed aright:
I know, I know THE Guiding Light!

On the Straight and Narrow stay
with Him--the Truth, the Life, the Way!
Victory, VICTORY all the day!
JESUS--let my life portray!

The Straight and Narrow Way. The RIGHT Way!
Don't let the trappings of life or the lies of the enemy interfere with your itinerary!


What are you talking about?
What is it so deep inside of you that you are so passionate about that you talk about it?
Do you eat, sleep, drink and live it? Or Him...?

"My mouth shall e'er recount Your grace
and righteousness all day!
To specify their limits, would
my heart cry out "NO WAY!"
For even when vocabulary
would approach at all,
newer You become and I
yet lack the wherewithal!

Oh, but I will hope continually
and worship only You!
The talents You have loaned to me
be used for glory due!
All that I am to reach always
for that which You contain,
and share it with my brother man
in ways so very plain!"

I stole these words from David. He wrote them in Psalm 71. He was passionate about something! And we have many of his words to reflect on.
Get to know God so much that you just cannot contain it!

Friday, March 30, 2012

More than meets the eye!

Beyond the vision of the day,
so far beyond a 'sight,'
there be a vision oh so fair
whence ever I'll delight!
The glories in that Perfect Place,
they have no equal here,
oh, and they shall be my stay
if I but persevere!

Beyond the vision of the day,
so far beyond each chore,
there be a vision of a place
where labor be no more!
That doesn't mean activity
will altogether cease,
for I will worship and attend
my Lord and Prince of Peace!

Beyond the vision of the day
there be a Day eterne,
and, of the wonder of the same,
it's Maker helps me learn
a lesson for to draw upon
when vision I may lack;
serenity, hope, freedom, joy
to then come rushing back!

Beyond the vision of the day
be greater so for me!
Stellar be the wonderment
availed for such as we!
Let there be not one prevention
for our travel there
to dwell in His unending love
ad in His perfect care!

The day is busy. The day is filled with items and issues. None of it shall blind me, however, to Him Who is greater than the day: Jesus Christ!
Jesus is the One Who gets me through the days that are and keeps me yearning for the days that are yet to come!
Set your heart and eyes on Him, and the day will be much easier.

Through the Garden...

Among the lovely roses
with essence all their own,
there, a weary figure
pacing all alone.
Thorns about at every hand,
so His life has been
as He has given all in so
becoming all for men.

"Oh may this cup not ever come,
oh let this hour flee!"
so to cry that instinct proving
He is part of me.
"Nonetheless," as drops of blood fall,
"not My will but Thine..."
further confirmation of
a calling so divine.

In the perfect garden
dare I further gaze?
Can my soul bear witnessing
His suffering these days?!
Then assurance to the heart:
He suffers it for me!
Then, deeper in humility,
for sure the Witness be!

Among the lovely roses
of costliest perfume
there stands the Rose of Sharon,
o destiny resume!
The only One so willing to
endure to the reward.
Between the roses and the lilies

And He endures the garden for even you! Don't let His labors be in vain!

Thursday, March 29, 2012


Again, life finds us caught up trying to make time for everything!
In moments like these, I realize

Time for Jesus I must make,
precious moments for to take;
no emotion there to fake,
foundations of the soul to shake!

Time for God the Father, true.
On His face to fasten view;
every word to be anew-
spoken and unspoken, too!

And time for the Holy Ghost.
He, to be my journey's Host!
Into God's Presence, there to boast
as I receive the very most!

A moment for The Trinity-
everything to surely be
present here, endowed to me;
"Enable me to clearly see!"

Take time for God today. MAKE time for God today.
Sure, you have a busy day, but nothing inside that day is more important than time with Your Father Who loves you.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


"Service to God." Is it mere duty?
But listen to the cry of a heart that DESIRES to live for Him and serve Him:

"Glory to God in the highest,
He is the King of all love!
Give Him His praise so deserved-
give Him what He's worthy of!
Never retreat from His Presence,
give Him your fullest embrace!
Know Him as your only Fountain,
revel in mercy and grace!

O glory to God in the highest,
He lives in the praise of His Own!
Live Him! O mirror His glory-
life, it is His all alone!
Give to Him--He is The Giver!
Receive of Him without reserve!
Know Him with all of your being-
He makes it a pleasure to serve!"

Are these words that you would cry out?
Service to God is a blessing and a privilege...not a burden!
No, it's not always easy, but it is always rewarding!

Monday, March 26, 2012

What Purpose?

The glory of the Lord be upon you...
The favor of the Lord be upon you...
The simplicity of the Lord be upon you!

Too often, I go out in the world and try to speak to them in the vernacular that God & I have, or the language we use in church.
That often, I go right over their heads!
Jesus spoke in parables, but those around Him understood. Those who were meant to receive it grasped it just fine!
So what do we do? Are we open to the Holy Spirit and His lead? If we are willing, He will tell us exactly what to say when! We must only be open and available for His use.

"Use me once again in ways
the glorify Your Name.
I used to glorify myself,
but then Your Spirit came.
He made me see my error,
He gave me a new tongue,
and since He lives inside of me
a new song have I sung!

Oh, use me for Your purposes,
and crucify my own!
Too often, the ulterior,
its ugly head be shown!
But I would give myself to that
which glorifies You only!
Every other purpose leaves one
destitute and lonely!

Oh, but use this man as You
alone see fit always.
I want to be a blessing to You
each and all my days!
These words that flow from me, may they
reach out, reach in for You,
that You would get the glory and
all adoration due!

These words are from God, yet they are to glorify Him and draw all unto Him! They are not for my own glory! But how can they draw others to God if they are so lofty that they cannot be understood?
What about you? Do you do what you do for His glory? Can others understand that?

Saturday, March 24, 2012


A thinnest slice of moon to rest,
suspended on the rise...
nothing to inhibit breath
from being lost in skies...
how many are the thoughts aflight
as day comes to an end?
But savor all that life contains,
its wonders to expend!

A busy day comes to close. God is right here with me as I relax. Greetings from all over the world remind me that I am so fortunate to be loved!
Thank you, everyone, for caring.
"Thank You, Father God, for blessing me with so much...especially one more year of life!

Friday, March 23, 2012


Pray with me today:
"Walk through my life and take the things
that You do not allow;
heal me, Lord, of all diseases,
only You know how!
Jesus, You can see what is
much better than I can;
see the life that I will live:
the man that is the man.
Lord, You have a perfect plan,
a purpose for my living.
Show me today the ones in need,
that I be so giving.
What I have is more than that
which they cling to so dearly,
You are everything in me-
may they see that so clearly!
I am a very wealthy man,
but not for me to boast;
I have that within which they
require the very most!
Love them through me, Jesus, draw them
to the love You are,
and cause the care we have for them
to go so very far.

God in us works through us...if we obey.
Are you available to God for His use in your world today?
There is no greater Employer!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Thinking of Life

When I think of Jesus,
what is it that I see?
Do I see His arms outstretched
as He carries me?
Do I see Him point at me
when at His Father's side,
smiling, laughing, talking with
a voice that swells with pride?

When I think of Jesus, do I
see Him scratch His head
as I fail one more time,
ignoring to be led?
Accusations and reminders
of my ugly past-
they are not part of Him at all,
forgotten they are cast!

When I think of Jesus, it's
perfection that I see,
and I am part of it as He
embraces even me!
See yourself inside Him as
You take Him into heart-
those visions of life good and new,
to you will He impart!

Think of Jesus as Someone who wants to be with you, and something other than just a "watchdog in the sky!"
If you only see being born again as a life of rules and regulations, then the greatest life alive is passing you by!

Whatever comes...

The storm is raging, but this I know:

Beneath the tardy blast,
a truth be surely cast:
bloom and blossom soon be bursting through!
I'm confidently told
in voices manifold
that all of life is soon to be anew!
The chipmunk and the bird,
they both agree in word
and celebrate The Maker high above!
And I take great delight
to revel in the sight,
submitting myself to the God of Love!

Almighty God remains sovereign and all else that He is even through the storm...regardless of how it rages, regardless of its aftermath...and He affirms His love and care for us through creature and creation...if we pay attention.
Will you notice Him somewhere in your day?

Early Opportunities

Early in the morning...Jesus and there something I am supposed to write about...

Would there be a word afresh
to flow out of my heart?
"Would there be a word afresh
Your Spirit to impart?
Would there be something You would say
through me to bless someone?
Here am I, your willing scribe,
oh God, Your will be done!"

Oh, the precious peace that is
as I am seeking such!
Oh, the joy that can't be told
that comes, Lord, at Your touch!
Oh, the many attributes
of You upon the day
as I pause and yield myself
to that which You would say!

How many are the words that come
as You and I commune?
But Lord, let NOTHING matter now,
no issue to impugn!
You and I in company,
and nothing will distract!
At Your each emotion, Lord,
my spirit to react!"

Early in the morning...Jesus and myself...what a wonder! What a way to communicate, receive, and give back to Him!
Let nothing keep you from it!

"In" the World...

In the world, but not of
the world all the day,
tending to the things upon
the Straight and Narrow Way.
Regardless, though, what it contains,
now my desire be
to put it all behind me seeking
Audience of Three!
Oh, and in a holy place,
anointing permeates
as, in my soul and spirit,
perfect peace He there creates!
Oh, and there, His dwelling place,
peace that passes all-
there, reaffirmation of
a high and holy call!
And affirmation that I am
above the daily grind;
but I must be 'in' it so that
others, they may find
how to emerge victorious,
whatever brings the day!
"Oh God, assist me to that end
upon the Narrow Way!"

"In" the world upon the Narrow Way. That is where everyone of us spends most of our time.
Though it is inevitable, God provides an awesome escape from it upon request! Have you been there? Go there...but don't stay there! There is much work to do for us "in" the world!

Sunday, March 18, 2012


As Truth approaches, truth of what God went through to associate with us and purchase us, we hear of wretched atrocities that a lot of people have become numb to.

He comes so humble, so unique;
the Father's passion for to pique!
His only Son, to live, to die...
the volumes, oh, to prophesy!
But death, but death could not contain
the One Who bore redemption's stain!
"O manger humble, know ye not
that such a Tenant you have got?!"

Environs crude...once more unique...
containing God the Son, so meek'
Our only Hope, there on display;
our only flight from yonder day!
But now enthroned so high, so high!
And coming soon for you and I
if we have got His Blood applied:
the Blood of Him alive Who died!

Keep the Truth, the power and the promise alive in your life!
Keep Jesus in the center of Your heart, your day, your life!
He is far greater than seasonal, and more UNIQUE than anything else!

Friday, March 16, 2012

More from Him...

To bow my head and close my eyes-
His holiness to realize...
to humble and to be abased-
greater, then, the vision faced!
Liberally availed to me
so much more than I can see
from the bounty of His hand...
oh will I ever understand?!

God reveals Himself to them that seek Him.
He knows the heart. He knows the ones that genuinely seek His face, His voice, His Presence, and He rewards them with abundance!

Personal Again

Whooaaa....slow down.
So many things going on.
Too many things going on!
I know exactly what to do, though.
I know exactly Who to go see...

Personal with Jesus only
He and I alone;
a place and time with only precious
intimacy known.
How often, in relationship,
is encountered such?
Render vulnerability
to foster deeper touch.
Be such a factor, though, to even
hinder an approach?
So numerous be variables
striving to encroach!
They must not be allowed to have
affect, oh hear me say,
with my rapport with Him Who is
the Truth, the Life, the Way.

"O Jesus, Savior of my soul,
take hold of me, I pray!
Freely do I give again
mine all-in-all today!
Disciple, teach me, change me as
we sup here, just we two,
that I bear witness of Your Presence
in all that I do!

Have a great day WITH Jesus! He will allow you to.
If you turn it over to Him, He will help you with all that must be done, AND give you rest!
It's very worth it.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


In seasons that are certain,
assurance comes to heart!
With each step through the forest,
life cries "HOW GREAT THOU ART!"
We cannot see tomorrow, but
dependable is He-
therefore is present 'certainty'
when 'unknown' is to be!

Seasons that are certain-
life, it is the same!
We know that life will be, but not
the cause for which it came!
We must cling to the Maker and
the Bringer of the day,
for He will make sense of our lives
and stay us on The Way!

Seasons that are certain...
But foreign and unknown!
There are times when naught is sure
and life seems all alone!!
But lean into The Maker- He
will guide you and protect!
And on the very certain He
will help you to reflect!

So many uncertainties...
So many letters to this ministry this week asking for prayer because of news from medical professionals. News like
"We just don't know what else to do..."
"This is what we are going to do, but we don't know if..."
and several others.
Please be in prayer with us regarding letters like this. Though they are filled with uncertainty, we can take them to a God Who is certain, Whose ways are settled, and Whose love knows no peer!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Painting a page

Again, to decorate a page
with that upon the heart;
exclusive, there contained the tools,
to practice such an art.
Clutched in hand, the ball-point brush,
the palette be be the mind,
but only with the heart be there
a masterpiece to find!

A bouquet of serenity...
a landscape of delight...
a portrait of eternal life...
a silhouette of light?
O summon all the elements
that will accomplish such!
But supplication to the Father-
first and final touch!

And now that are assembled all
that's needed in array,
there is absolutely nothing
this page cannot say
save that which yet be foreign to
the Spirit and the Son!
"So here is this, Thy Servant,
Father God, Thy will be done!"

Nothing is written or spoken in "Words to His Servant" apart from the leading of the Holy Spirit.
It is my prayer that the words you hear from here be life and breath to you, as well!
Pray for this writer to continually be receptive to the Holy Spirit and all that He has to say!

Wanna go?

"I will take you if you want to go.
You enter into the Holy Place and go no further.
I know what you need.
I know what you want.
I know what you have and do not have, but why are you here?
For I am in this place.
I have you in this place and all that concerns you is already in My care.
Why not let go and let the spirit of worship take you into the Inner Court where I am calling you?
What are you afraid of?"

Are you receptive to the voice of the Spirit?
Will you obey His instructions today?
He calls you, too!

There they go again!

Upon The Path once more...
offers at the door...
Itinerary sure?
How long can one endure!
daily life affords-
how many are secure
enough for to endure?

But just how concerned is a parent to be?
She has moved half-way across the country with more confidence than I have ever had!

Where did she get that?!

Upon the path once more-
God to guard the door!
Decisions must be made...
childhood to fade!
The lady that we raised-
by challenges unfazed!
Success is she to know,
onwardly to go!

Congratulations, Vickilove! We are so proud of you!
Don't forget to have fun, enjoy life, and behold the hand of God while you work.


The Real Touch

"Reality" hurts sometimes!!

The pain real.
I don't like how I feel!
To Jesus I appeal-
He, too, is very real!

Beside me now He stands
because He understands;
His body wears the bands
and scars are in His hands.

The pain again..."BUT GOD!"
My whole life would applaud!
On sickness does He trod!
Familiar...yet so odd!

So wonderful, so practical, the touch of God!
So many worlds to run, yet He's right here with me as I heal!
"The pain again..." is but one more opportunity for Him to work in my life!
Let Him into your life...every part of your life! He wants to be there for you.

Obvious Creation

Open your eyes...look around...

How can such wonder be ignored,
overlooked at will?
God waves His very is

ignored but even still!
While all about is evidence
of how we've interfered,
much more abundant is His touch,
and it's to be revered!

The splendor and the spectacle of trees
playing with the gentlest of breeze...
the miracle of flight in all the birds-
how often has the same confounded words?
The variance of landscape everywhere-
and none of it apart from Father's care!

How can such wonder be ignored?
One must be ignorant!
The spectacle of ALL we see-
for it is Heaven-sent!

Spectacular! The works of His hands are more than words...but the writer is COMPELLED to capture the same!
May you see and feel the same as you see Father God's creation!

Pain again...

When it gets uncomfortable, do we run?
When it's no longer 'fun,' do we quit?
It's not a matter of 'if' we will get hurt in a relationship, it's 'when.'
The bigger issue is our response when that hurt happens.

Pain--so old, so new,
caused by not a few;
of it, I am not fond
how would you respond?

Pain--so old, so new.
Not unknown to You!
I cannot know the same;
that is why You came!

Somewhere, sometime, somehow someone will hurt you today. How will you handle that?
Whatever the pain is, God has been through it before and He is your recourse. Turn it over to Him. He can and will get you through it!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


In moments prior to the journey,
many thoughts abound.
Certain is the destination,
but what shall be found?
Already the itinerary...
ascertained by whom?
To be led on a different route
is there any room?

"Lord, I didn't even ask
how You would run this day.
Forgive me for my selfishness,
so clearly on display!
I avail this day to You,
please see our steps aright,
and make the outcome of this day
be something You delight!"

It's not too late to give this day to Jesus, to live for Him, to accomplish HIS goals. He can direct the day better than you can...if you allow Him to.

Monday, March 5, 2012


"The glory of Your majesty,
so very old, so new!
You are so very genuine,
yet we depend on You!
I know that You will always show,
yet I cannot know how!
Lord, You are so original,
but none can tell me how!

The glory of Your mighty hand
come in the season's limbs.
It causes this and every bard
to scramble for the 'nyms!
What grand compulsion come to them
that seek for to record
the properest description of
the handwork of the Lord!"

Early, early in the season...
oh what blessed vow!
Life! For there is life to bloom
and only days from now!
Spring to life, ye people!
Rejoice in God's creation!
Revive your contact with Him and
enjoy that blest relation!

The seasons and the days are not the only thing He makes new. God wants to make everything in your life new! It comes through His Son Jesus and being born again in Him!
Ask Him for that newness today, won't you?

First Life

Branches bearing only buds
against the morning sky...
not the slightest flinching due
the earliest of sigh...
"How can they be so static in
the chill that creeps along?"
Greater truth than could be told
in poetry or song!

But such would The Creator cause
in pondering this day.
The majesty of morning--
once again upon display.
Do not lose sight of it in light
of all the day contains!
Reveal it to His Majesty
tonight when He explains!

Of a truth, there is a busy day ahead.
There are things to be made, things to be repaired, and lots to be discovered! None of that, however, should discount the revelation of new life...promise of greater...promise of better...come forth this glorious new morning!
Remember it!

Sunday, March 4, 2012


Peace is yet pursuing
as we are in pursuit.
If we but let it overtake
we would enjoy its fruit!
Has life become a contest?
Is living minus pleasure? upon the Lord;
allow His grace to measure!

Peace IS yet pursuing each one of us. Do we have time to savor it? Are we so caught up in 'getting ahead' that we are losing our head?
Let it not be so, brother! For there is purposed for you precious time to relax, refresh and renew yourself in the bounty of what GOD provides...not what your employer provides.
Focus on that which cannot be bought, and that which can be bought will come much easier.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Through Me

"Lord, I would make an impact this day
on eternity!
My brother, somewhere on The Way,
has need to hear from me.
To verify, Lord, unto him,
of fury from above?
Or to so enlighten him
of Your most perfect love?!
However I be used of You,
oh Father, on this day,
I pray the very 'self' within me
would be held at bay.
Indeed, transparent, as it were,
that glory shall ascend,
and naught of me to hinder You
as, unto him, You tend!

Again, we are called to dispense life unto a dying world.
Am I available? Are you available?
I must set aside ALL mine agenda to be most effective for Jesus!
Pray for me.

Price of Peace?

Just observations and thoughts:

Oh, when to beat this sword into a ploughshare?
Will it even happen in this life?
But that would be an economic nightmare!
There's profit manufacturing such strife!
Yes, security not only in the product,
but in the business of providing such!
How many million laborers affected?
Should this world attain a kinder, gentler touch?

Just observations and thoughts...

Thursday, March 1, 2012


Cathedrals made of unforgiving stone
receiving light before is even known
bow to no one as they represent
Creator God's creation confident.
There be no explanation of such height!
Architects and poets take delight!
Be in awe as God displays His might!
Give Him glory lest He senses slight!

God is so real and so rife in creation.
No matter where you are, there is something or someone that He created, and there is awe and spectacle waiting to be discovered therein! NOTICE IT!
Don't miss any opportunity that He presents you today to give Him glory!