Saturday, February 4, 2012

Where is Hope?

I received two letters earlier this week. Both of them are painful. Both of them beg the question "Where is hope?"
One of them entreated us to pray for someone who attempted suicide.
Where is hope?
The other is from someone asking for prayer because their friend committed suicide.
Where is hope?
It is times like these that I almost feel guilty for the joy that I contain! Is that wrong?
There was some very bad medical news given us this week...but we still have hope.
According to the tests that were done, a tumor is back...but we still have joy.
What's wrong with us?!
Through it all, in light of it all, we still have a lot to look forward to:

What a day! O what a day
is close, is close at hand!
That which is to be, no mortal
ma may understand!
The glory of that time and place,
(and They that therein dwell,)
the deepest yearnings of the soul
are able for to tell!

Who could know what is awaiting
in that Perfect Place?
Who could know what we'll become
due His abundant grace?
Who could know the end of all
the promises avowed?
Them that have the blood of Jesus,
they shall be allowed!

What a day! Oh yes, the day
that He shall be our Rest.
Everything awaiting us
shall be the very best!
Oh, but I would see the Savior
of my very soul!
Jesus to accompany me-
there and then made whole!

What a day that shall be! What a Place that shall be! What a time that shall be!
But I must have a semblance of that day/time/Place in my daily life if I am going to have any affect on people here.
Jesus and the life He provides is the only Answer to the turmoil that goes on in the lives of all of us!
Trust Jesus for ALL that you are going through, and He will provide glimpses of That Day that will spur you on through the days that are.

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