Sunday, February 12, 2012


Challenging the status quo...
there is so much, much more!
So much better has our God
for each of us in store!
Have you settled for 'the norm?'
"It's always been this way..."
Rise up! Escape that trap! Receive
the Truth, the Life, the Way!!

There is so much more from God!
Far better than we know!
It takes some effort to obtain it-
how far will you go?
Too often do we settle for
whatever comes our way,
instead of trying to affect
the order of the day!

I cannot be effective if
I do not move ahead.
I will not be of service lest
I go where I am led!
The Holy Spirit is alive
and moving constantly!
We must yield to His commands
to be in victory!

Pastor Venable, your message is painful. It is, however, effective. (As usual.)
It is so easy to sit here and write and send and read and respond...but is it effective? Are these words doing any heavenly good?
What good are you doing?

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