Saturday, February 11, 2012


Up the hill and through the forest, a forest that is yet barren...
down the mountain and over the river...
how many miles to go?
What will be there when we get there?
What will be there along the way?
Is that a worry? Is that a concern? Is that a benefit?

There is so much excitement in
the trek that is ahead!
It's something to look forward to
if you are Spirit-led!
Tomorrow is a promise and
a thing for to desire...
it is no thing to worry of
if God has your entire!

But what about the promise and
the beauty of today?
Don't overlook the treasure that's
already on display!
Too many miss the wonder of
the miracle at hand
while praying for the breakthrough that
tomorrow might command!

How many miles to go...but wait!
Enjoy the scenery!
God is in the here and now,
and generous is He!
Don't let what might be rob you of
the wonderments that are!
Enjoy where God has placed you, or
you won't get very far.

The straight and narrow road.
Sometimes, it is a painful road.
Sometimes, it is an exciting road.
But I promise, if you stay on the Straight and Narrow, no matter what it holds, you will always progress and move forward!

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