Thursday, February 23, 2012

Those Silent Words

Being a writer, there is a constant leading, a yearning to record or describe what God is saying or doing.
Does God move in your life that way?
How does the Holy Spirit speak to you?
Is God the Holy Spirit allowed to speak to your heart?
He has something to say to every one of us.
Will you listen?

And what about those silent words
that rap upon my breast?
Tell me, will they have opportune
to ever be expressed?
And those verses I pursue
when entertaining thought,
by a rhyme or reason say,
will ever they be caught?

But greater than the poet's note
of compassion such,
is Him the poet can't describe
and His unrivalled touch!
And as I yield myself to Him
each time I dip the quill,
shall not each muffled word be freed
according to His will?

"One day at a time," says He,
but I would paraphrase
as "One idea at a time,
one phrase."
And what be captive in my breast
should never be released,
lest there remain a vacancy
and captive word be ceased!

You have the very same inside of you. God has placed in each of us a desire to know Him more and share that knowledge with others.
Don't ignore Him!
Do not quench the Holy Spirit!
He is inspiration. He is Life! Share with others the life that He has put inside of you however he leads you to.

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