Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Seeking yet again my rescue
from the days that are?
But God is in control of all
the challenges so far!
Though trials yet amass ahead,
I am not overtaken;
In spite of that before my eyes,
I am not forsaken!

Jesus, my Deliverer,
He is yet right beside
encouraging me to press on
and not to be denied!
So many are the benefits,
so massive, the reward
for going forth and shirking not
the challenge of the Lord!

My deliverance may be
there on the other side;
I may have to bear the flames
to know the purified!
Whatever the assignment is
I am equipped, I know;
because my God is in control
and, with me, He WILL go!

Are these words for you today?
Is there an obstacle or an assignment before you that appears daunting?
Have you told God about it?
There is nothing too big or too small to be kept from Him. He wants to hear about everything in your life! He wants to be involved in everything in your life!
Let Him!

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