Saturday, February 25, 2012

Prayer for Karen

Many years ago, I found myself in conversation with one so hurting, so confused. The greatest need she had at the moment was to be heard! Later, upon reflection of our meeting, my spirit prayed

"Informed, oh God, of one in such confusion;
the crying of her heart, to me, is shared.
Your ear would I possess while in attendance;
Your patience, Father, as she is prepared.
Such is sown rife in these days of latter-
deceptions, lies and bribery abound!
People heeding to the winds of public,
shunning that which yet remaineth sound!

Oh, that would be sought a higher calling,
surpassing, Father, every comfort zone!
Not always be desired what You give me,
so early unto me was this made known!
But looking back, I see that all You gave me
matured me, taught me, profited me much!
Teach her, oh God, that if she would be faithful,
she'd know the deeper wonder of Your touch!
One true process to accomplish this, Lord,
that my life would exemplify You so;
that she would see, in me, the blessings of You
are stellar unto comforts she could know!
And, using me here in this life of present,
so, Holy Spirit, prod, convict and woo
that, in her wisdom, she would come to fathom
that the void so deep within her be for You!"

There are people in your own life that are hurting, blind, wandering around groping for anything alive!
Are they able to grab hold of Jesus and His life inside of you?

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