Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Valentine

"I thought about a valentine...
what could a wordsmith say?
How could I try impressing you
on this most special day?
So many are the messages
you get from me always,
but just how many of them fete you
with deserved praise?
I love you MORE than words can say!
You mean MORE than mere verse!
The love we celebrate each day
nobody could rehearse!
The way you treat me is beyond
mere song or verse cliché,
and You deserve MORE celebration
than one heart-filled day!
I love you today and each day
you are in my life.
I am so very fortunate
to have you as my wife!
We do not have what others have,
we have so much, much more!
And I will marry you again
all passions to restore!"

I am a blessed man.
I am a fortunate man.
I HATE saying that I am a 'lucky' man, but a lot of folks would tell me that!
Do you feel the same about the one that you love?
Make sure that they feel that way, too!

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