Saturday, February 25, 2012


If you have been serving God long enough and savoring that awesome relationship, you know that there are times that are quite frustrating...times when He cannot be heard...and times when it seems like your prayers don't even ascend through the roof!

I ponder now some causes of frustration.
The same, into perspective try to place.
I know, without a doubt, I have salvation
in Jesus Christ, through God's abundant grace!
And I know I have healing for my body-
proven it to me has He so oft;
and in a crowd when no one is around me
relief is unto my heart ever soft!

"Oh Father, Thou much softer than a whisper,
that I could bid this state of living 'Cease!'
Speak hope and help and guidance to Your servant,
oh, that deep within would dwell Thy blessed peace!
I've tasted and I've felt of it within me,
now all that I must do, Lord, is believe;
but nothing less could I do, blessed Savior,
as, been through oh so much together, we've!"

Keep pressing's worth it!
Even when God cannot be seen, felt or heard, He is right there with you, listening...embracing...responding to your heart.
You must keep affirming such truths!

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