Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Morning has broken...

As light begins discovering the hills,
As life begins revealing today's thrills,
as songs begin to rise from all creation,
God and I once more enjoy relation!

Even before that light is fully come,
doves of mourn so exercise their hum;
and even before the writer calls His Name,
creation's song arises...to my shame?
No! But I would join that constant hymn
with them upon the ground and on the limb,
that song that NEVER shall come to an end,
that song to Jesus--Savior, Brother, Friend!

Before the Light is fully to advance,
adoration of Him would enhance!
Creator--He is worthy of all praise,
now, and throughout each and all of days!

God is worthy!
Creator God is worthy of all of our living!
Can you see Him making, guiding, orchestrating your day?
Look again.

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