Monday, February 13, 2012


I want it my way...
But wait, listen to me...
No, no, no...THIS is how it should be...

"Please break this man before You, God;
o change my life, my heart.
See to it that Your will and way
become the greatest part!
Be greater than myself within
that all may come to know
that You are God, and I am not;
my SELF to overthrow!

But break this man again, oh God,
and build what You desire.
I avail myself again
unto Your will entire!
So many are the purposes
and seekings of the heart-
oh God, I lay it all aside
for that which You impart!

Oh Father, break this man until
I am in You complete!
Something of Yourself, anew,
but each day would I meet!
The glory and the majesty
be amplified always!
Change my life, transform my heart
to each and all Your ways!"

Again, Pastor nailed me to my seat last night.
Excuse me. Again, God stopped me in my tracks last night through the Pastor's words.
It's not about me.
I've said it before...but it is soooo easy to slip back into that selfish comfort zone.
Dare I say "It's not about us?"

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