Sunday, February 5, 2012


Finally...the chores are done;
at last...alone with God;

There is a sound I love to hear,
there is a noise so fine!
How can I recount the sound
of something so divine?!
I only can enjoy the feeling
of that precious sound
that, in the Presence of my Father,
only is it found!

There is a sound so healing,
a noise so very blest;
In the Presence of His Majesty
I hear it best!
Not always is that precious sound
where I think it should be!
It comes to me at every time
I need, His grace, to see!

Oh that sound exclusive to
the moving of the Spirit!
Do you know what I'm speaking of?
Can your heart ever hear it?
Oh, the glory of His Presence
everywhere in living!
Be so close to God Most High,
He is so very giving!

How wonderful it is: time alone with God!
It is here that life is repaired...refreshed...restored.
Each and all of us have a different itinerary and a different speed, but there is one constant: each of us need time with God.
Can you hear Him calling?

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