Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Life & Light!

There is life! There is Light! There is an endless, eternal supply of both in the love that God has for me...for YOU...for us!
I cannot fully explain it. In matter such I am an uneducated man! (You probably already knew that!) However, I can tell you about it. I can write about it. I can recount that which God tells me...and even THAT I can't explain! Ya know?

Life so very wonderful...
Light so very real!
All from Him Who is alive
to save, to fill, to heal!
Jesus has all power, He
possesses everything,
and it is His to give to them
that, of His mercies, sing!

Life so very wonderful,
Light so very real!
But He is even able to
respond to YOUR appeal!
His mercy is to us-ward,
His love, it knows no bound!
Within the reach of His great heart,
but even YOU are found!

Life so very wonderful,
Love so very real!
Submit your will to that of His,
your fate, in crimson, seal!
No assurance greater!
Not any other trust!
Jesus Christ-the ONLY Way-
salvation is a must!

Life & Light. Do you have it? Do you have Him?
Jesus loves you and has so much to give you! All He asks for is your heart.

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