Thursday, February 23, 2012


Be careful not the giant to awaken?
That within the reaches of the mass?
By his foreboding presence be not taken!
Too, let not a fabrication pass!
In each of us, such impulse be inherent:
defense against the tiniest of foe!
The same, at times, to be not as transparent,
but lose not sight of Truth to surely know!

So massive to appear imagination!
Yet, effortlessly, it is bidden seize.
But standing fast in Whom is sweet salvation,
it be casted outward so with ease!
Thus says He to cast down imaginations,
the horrors of the yester, now and then;
but dwell upon the Source of your salvation:
God, in Whose Son we are born again!

Stand firm in Jesus! STAY IN HIS WORD!
Let nothing of this life rob you of your joy, hope or the victory you have in Him, especially the fear of what is not!

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