Monday, February 20, 2012


Be still, o busy mind.
There is much peace to find!
Be still, o busy heart,
there is a greater part!
Be still, o busy life.
Enough is there of strife!

Be still, o busy man, in spite of living.
Your every need and want are at His giving!
The fact that He commands your every trust
is something that just cannot be discussed!
Resign your ALL unto His will and way-
victory complete to be your stay!

Life goes on...sometimes at speeds that we cannot even fathom! However, in spite of whatever speed it seems to be going, it NEVER outruns God and the sanctuary of His arms!
Are you busy?
Does life itself seem to be overtaking you, overwhelming you?
Turn into God and rest in the restoration that He is!
He is right there waiting...

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