Thursday, February 2, 2012

Early Prayer

"Please, Lord, use these words to minister. Please use these words to bless.
Lord, please use these words to bring people closer to each other, closer to You.

Thank You for the light that shines
so early on the land;
thank You for the Light inside
that few can understand;
for I can only recognize
the beauty of it all
as You shine on my heart and
settle me within Your call.

So grateful for the constancy
You are and You have been;
so grateful You are visible
inside the lives of men;
so grateful You are evident
in all of all creation!
So grateful that You come to men
establishing relation!

Oh Lord, You make the glory that
the light of day discovers!
You make the light inside of men
that Your great love recovers!
All everything belongs to You,
including all of me!
So shine inside our lives that all
the world may clearly see!

In JESUS' Name,

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