Monday, February 6, 2012


We are a needy people. Period.
Though we, as His children, bask in His abundance, we yet remain so needy.

"Here we are, excited to
receive of Your command!
For only by Your righteousness
are even we to stand!
Be here in Your fullness, Lord,
for we be needy of
the glory of Your Presence and
the wonder of Your love!

Here we are, so desperate
for that so very new!
The others present in this placer,
they be so very few.
How many, they so desperate
for that which You have planned?
But God, I cannot think of that
as I, before You, stand!

Here we are, so destitute,
and You with so much wealth!
Bless, indeed, with Your abundance,
God, and be not stealth!
Here we we humble...
here do we submit;
here we are in expectation,
Father, we commit!

In JESUS' Name,

Where would we be without Jesus?
Where would we go without God's direction?
NEVER forget your Source!

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