Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Day's End

Day is is busy!
Lots of things happened...lots of people contacted...what variety!
In spite of all that went on, in spite of all that is yet going on...

...there is a temporary place
that nothing may corrupt;
it will become one permanent
when earthly days are up;
for the moment, it is where
escape can be at will,
no peace can match the One that waits
in that location still!

There always is an Open Door
whenever I must run...
whatever are activities,
in that Place, they are done!
There to gather at His feet,
to sit in His embrace,
to listen to His gentle voice
and look into His face.

Oh, so very wonderful,
that place so temporary!
I know I can depend upon it
not to ever vary!
And You are always present to
receive me in my state;
Lord, You are so wonderful,
so loving and so great!

The Lord is our Refuge.
The Lord is Who we can run to anytime and He will always receive us!
From the arms of Jesus we emerge victorious, energized to once again go forth into the daily battle called "Life!"
Day is done. Find your rest in Jesus.

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