Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Bottom Line

Thank God for Jesus!
There is a plethora of topics that can be found written about by this man, but none of them is more important than Jesus and having Him as Savior!
If the words are about the beauty of Creation, it is all the more beautiful when You know The Creator!
If the words are about life situations and going through them, they can only be written because He has guided me and led me through.
If the words are about Heaven or things to come, they can only be written as He gives revelation!
Nothing more important than Jesus!

Not a thing of more concern,
no other person greater...
not greater love has ever been,
nor shall one be later...
Jesus - He is all that life
is all about, and then,
He will be all that life will be man knows when!

Do you have Jesus in your heart?
Does He, your life, redeem?
He's more than "one from history,'
that ancient books esteem!
He is so very personal,
He loves you very much,

and you will ever benefit
from His exclusive touch!

O, my friend, but know Him in
your heart with all your might!
In you, in your entire life,
He takes such great delight!
He wants to be Your Savior,
He cries our "You are mine!"
He died so that you might have life;
and that's the bottom line!

"Jesus loves you!"
That is the truth woven through everything that you will read from this man. Ask Him to be your Savior today. Life will never be the same!

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